• Fast Response Times
  • Extremely Repeatable Measurements for Quality Control
  • Hand-Held Units available for multiple temperature ranges
  • Mutil-surface sensors for Shiny; Dull; Light; Dark; etc.


Thermal Devices offers a complete line of hand-held and fixed mounting Infrared Thermometers. Wide temperature ranges, scanners, and laser pointers are just some of the standard features. For our fixed mounting sensor applications, Thermal Devices can provide an infrared temperature sensor to monitor and control the temperature of many moving surfaces such as textiles, filtration membranes, stainless steel heated rolls, painted objects, etc. Our sensors have thermocouple outputs or 4 - 20mA outputs and are designed to withstand industrial environments. Contact Thermal Devices today with your requirements and one of our sales engineers will recommend a product that fits the need!

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1186-1 MicroRay Pro Infrared Thermometer with Laser Pointer $139.00
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other styles or designs are readily available,
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