Watlow Firerod Cartridge Heater with standard 12" Crimped-on Leads

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Product Specifications
Part #: FR-E2A55TD
Minimum Order Qty: 5 Units
Watlow Code Number E2A55
Diameter 1/4" (.250) Nominal
Length 2.0 in
Watts 100 W
Volts 120 V
Watt Density 87 W/in�
Price: $28.62

  • Even efficient distribution of heat to sheath
  • High dielectric strength and faster heat-up
  • Incoloy Sheath resists oxidation and corrosion
  • Watlow manufacturing capabilities result in lower internal temperatures
  • UL & CSA Approved lead wires to 480 F and higher
  • All part numbers shown can be modified from stock with different lead wires and lengths
  • Thermal Devices is an authorized Watlow distributor in many geographic territories. In the event that we are not authorized in your area, we will provide a heater of similar form, fit & function to fill your order.
Watlow Firerod Cartridge Heater, 1/4" dia x 2.0" long with standard 12" crimped-on, type GGS leads. This heater is available as modified from stock with many different types of lead wires and orientations. High temperature fiberglass, internally connected leads are available. Protected by stainless steel braid or stainless steel armor in both straight and right angle configurations. Please allow 3 - 5 working days for modified stock items to ship.
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