.05 - 10 Amp Solid State Relay, 4 - 32 vdc input control voltage

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Product Specifications
Part #: SVDA/3V10
Price: $30.34 / Each
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This item replaces the following manufacturers' part numbers: Replaces Opto 22 120D10, 240D10, 120Di10, 240Di10, 120D3 Crydom D1210, D2410 Gordos Crouzet 84134000

  • LED Status Indicator
  • Clear Safety Cover Included
  • Optically Isolated and 4000V isolation
  • Blocking voltages of 800V and 1200V
  • High Surge Capability and Built-in Snubber
  • 100% tested at rated current
  • UL Recognized
  • CSA Certified
  • & CE Compliant
Solid State Relays have been industry staples for many years. Their long life, fast switching capabilities and low cost make them excellent replacements for mercury contactors or electro-mechanical contactors. In most cases, use of these relays will allow faster cycle times for your temperature controlled applications. In lighting and other non-resistive loads, solid state relays offer the ability to precisely control the function of those loads for optimum performance and life. These "hockey-puck" style relays have an industry standard footprint and are a perfect replacement for solid state relays manufactured by companies such as Crydom, Gordos, Crouzet, Omron, Idec, Opto 22, Chromalox, Athena Controls, and many others. 
** - manufacturer names are, or may be, trademarks of their respective companies. Thermal Devices may, or may not, have a business relationship with the manufacturers listed. 
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